It’s like having a farmer’s market right in our store.  From locally grown and organic to international & exotic our produce department is ready to serve you only the freshest, sweetest and most succulent fruits and vegetables to be found.  According to the USDA, you should fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables.  Fresh salads, cut fruit and vegetables are the keys to living a healthy lifestyle and we have a wide variety for you select when creating your meals.



Redner’s produce buyers have the most discerning eye for quality and only the best will do.  We go right to the source or farm to ensure that our produce is at its peak freshness for your table through the relationships we have developed with farms right in your community to those in California and around the world!

Local is a must.  Built on family tradition, Redner’s knows the importance of family business and supports local family run farms and producers.  Redner’s always looks to procure products from our local farms when in season and you can be sure that during the summer and fall months many of the products we carry come from trusted local sources.  Supporting our local agricultural community is a key component to maintaining a healthy agricultural community and stimulating the local economy.  Our commitment to buying local has always been and will remain our commitment to our customers.

When hosting your next party or event, think of Redner’s produce department first.  We can help create a masterpiece of fruit baskets, watermelon and hula bowls and centerpiece veggie trays.  Simple to exotic, our produce department can offer a creation that is sure to be the talk of your party.

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