Grocery, Dairy & Frozen Foods

Quality, freshness and low prices.  These three aspects of our grocery, frozen food and dairy departments serve as the foundation for providing your family with its everyday, nutritional needs.  How can we save you money, let us count some of the way!  Each day you will find a variety of sales and promotions designed to pass the deepest discounts on to you.  Our Everyday Low Prices, Super Low Prices, Buy One, Get One Free, 10/$10 our value priced 99¢ products.

Redner’s works with its manufacturing partners and purchases products by the truckloads and then passes all the savings on to our customers.  We have eliminated the middleman and go right to manufacturer for the deepest savings.  No games and no gimmicks are involved with our prices.  Redner’s does not require you to buy a membership or carry a card to get the lowest prices for your groceries because all of our customers are valued!

What is a Great Wall of Values?  Redner’s Warehouse Markets negotiates with manufacturers to provide our customers with the deepest discounts possible through the purchasing of truckloads of products.  Many of these items are on display on the Great Wall of Values for your shopping convenience.  The items you will find on the Great Wall of Values are national and trusted brands along with the Redner’s line of quality products and the prices can’t be beat. Our stores offer the finest specialty brands such as Goya and Haddon House.  Looking for a unique product and cannot find it please ask our store manager and we can order it.  We do not charge to special order product and have over 40,000+ available for our stores to order.

Throughout our store, you will find Redner’s Warehouse Markets, SuperChill®, homelife®, Equaline®, Shopper’s Value®, wild harvest™, Richfood®, Nutriplan®, Culinary Circle™ and Baby Basics® products just to name a few. These products are aimed at providing you with value-priced alternatives to the leading national brands.  We can guarantee that you will enjoy a wide variety of high-quality options at affordable prices sure to fit your family’s budget!





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